The end of a long range cycle

Our lives tend to run on the rails of the systems and structures that predominate to create culture and society. These constructs are manifest by collective agreement and implemented via law of the land. They’re so ubiquitous that we rarely pay any attention to them.

Economic cycles are one such example.

By the time we reach wage earning age we’re aware of the fact of boom and bust. Recession is an economic contraction that slows the rate of production and consumption of goods and services. The peaks and troughs occur either side of an eight year cycle.

We’re familiar with these so called ‘short term debt cycles’.

We are less acquainted with the long range counterpart. It is this ‘long term debt cycle’ that we are now seeing come to an end. The current pandemic crisis has triggered the necessity for structural monetary change.

Shifts of this magnitude happen every 50 – 75 years. We are about to witness a once in a life time transition. Prepare yourself for a revolution in Money, credit and debt.