The first 100 days

When I started this blog I didn’t really know what I’d write about. The domain offers a clue but it’s a loose direction of travel more than it’s a statement of intent. A bit like the way I run my life.

In recent years I’ve become fascinated with narrative. Learning to understand the stories we tell ourselves and others and how they create our reality has been a part of my deeper mindfulness practice. A free gift for all the hours committed to resting in awareness.

The quality of our experience of life is determined by the stories that we tell ourselves. This is my grand theory if you can call it that. Once realised this idea can be a catalyst for change.

Take this example; I spoke with a friend the other day, he said that the lockdown to him felt like winning the lottery. Wild, I know, given the circumstances, but the magic in this statement is the truth it reveals: even in difficult and challenging circumstances we get to choose how we feel.

That’s been the greatest lesson for me. After a few thousand hours of meditation, many courses, books and conversations, the felt experience of this simple truth has been a wonderful gift. That, is our only true freedom.

How we relate to the world, other people and external events can be improved by first understanding ourselves. A healthy level of self inquiry will help in these troubling times. The truth is within us all – it’s time to remember it.