The Great Disillusionment

I’ve been feeling for the past few weeks to write a post about an underlying dissatisfaction. There’s an intuition in my gut that says ‘something isn’t right’. You know that feeling; it’s the one you get when you know you’re being lied to but can’t quite place the source.

Today, I read that post. Jonathan Cook laid it all out in a well considered piece called, ‘Welcome to the era of Great Disillusionment‘.

My synthesis of it goes like this:

  1. The government and science have forfeited our trust in favour of corporate interests
  2. Western media is biased and must be replaced
  3. Conspiracy theories have evolved out of the vacuum created by the lack of transparency and honesty in the above institutions

We all know intuitively when we’re being spun a yarn. The journey to correcting our way of life starts with learning to trust ourselves. It’s time to rebuild trust in our systems and restore democracy to our nations.