The greatest festival on Earth

I’ve been to a bunch of festivals. I love rolling around in a field for a few days shaking off the responsibilities of daily life; to cut loose for a while. Hedonism is an important part of the cultural mix and festivals are certainly my preferred shakedown.

I had a conversation recently about how in the West the festival and the rite of passage that comes with it are akin to the shamanic practices of indigenous peoples.

This idea resonated with me. I certainly feel like my experiences in muddy fields in the UK have mirrored those of the ceremonial spaces of more recent medicinal excursions.

Today would have been the Friday of Glastonbury festival. A place I like to call home, spiritually speaking. A place where I’ve enacted some of the most unruly aspects of my self. A place where I’ve embraced my wild twin. A place where I’ve explored the madness that lies within.

So, today I say go forth and celebrate. The greatest festival on Earth shall return. Lively up yourself!