The Metonic Cycle

The Metonic Cycle states that a lunar cycle will repeat to roughly the same date every 19 years.  This means that this Halloween is a full moon. A full Halloween Hunters Blue Moon to be precise. A rare sight indeed.

Meton of Athens noted this rare occurrence in 432BC but due to leap years and the orbit of the moon there is a discrepancy of a day that swings in and out of accuracy over time.

I like that this theory has proven a bit wonky. It’s a lot like life, perfectly imperfect.

Tonight is the second full moon in October. Hunters because it’s an opportunity for animals to forage for winter. Blue because it’s the second full moon this month. It’s also a ‘minimoon’ because it’s the farthest away from the Earth.

I usually go a bit loco with the full moon. Lunar = lunatic.