The most important thing

Seth shared a powerful post yesterday.

If you want to have an argument, to raise tempers or to distract, the easiest thing to do is start bringing up things that are easy to argue about.

Not the things that are important.

Because the important things require nuance, patience and understanding. They require an understanding of goals, of the way the world works and our mutual respect.

If someone keeps coming back to an irrelevant, urgent or provocative point instead, they’re signalling that they’d rather not talk about the important thing.

Which is precisely what we need to talk about.

This served as an important reminder for me that the most important thing is to be honest, open and transparent in my communication at all times.

In this way we make space for magic to enter our relationships and for unexpected beautiful surprises to manifest.

I’m committed to truth, integrity and honouring the principle. To me, that’s the most important thing.