The power of choice

Much of the context of the news we receive aims to render in us a feeling of helplessness. The narrative seeks to deliver an apathetic inertia – “what’s the actual point?”.

The media is highly skilled in this style of manipulation. The government encourages this injection of willful lethargy. The less questions we as a society ask, the better for them.

Kept in a constant state of frightened amnesia, we are unlikely to demand change.

As John Lennon said:

When you can’t really function you’re so full of fear

For those with an inquiring mind and functional critical faculties, it’s easy to see the game at play. To accept the extremes of possiblity is to entertain that all thought is a necessary part of the spectrum. Once we achieve this conceptual diaspora, our ability to choose our karmic action is enabled.

It could be that how I perceive this situation will lead to the probable and desired outcome, it could be radically different. Either way I’m ok with that. I’ll make my choice in full awareness of the possibilities.

From this place, we can strive for our own interpretation of balance.

Light and dark. Black and white. Left and right. All are poles in the metrics of the oneness. To cultivate the understanding and acceptance of these stratified yet divergent outcomes is to transcend division.

This is how we begin to exercise the power of choice.