The safety myth

Our capacity to solve problems, survive disease and navigate relationships is developed through the experience of failure.

Resilience is born of hardship.

Health is a consequence of adversity.

Contentment is the reward of struggle.

Safety is a paradox. There is no such thing. The more we strive for it the greater the opposite is experienced. Safety is disabling.

Intuitively we know that the more protected we are the more vulnerable we are, the more safety we seek the less safe we feel. Strangely ironic but true.

Immunity is the active participation in the health making of others. Well being is a collective function. Circumstance entrusts us with the life lessons we need to grow, strive and thrive.

We are each responsible for our own sovereignty; the choices we make lead us to the situations and lessons in life that we most need; that includes physical health, mental wellbeing, social connection and emotion intelligence.

Hard times engender the required stimulus for growth. In limiting our exposure to new experiences we reduce the possibility for assimilating new wisdom.

Learning to trust our choices is born of making them and taking responsibility for the outcome. Safety is a myth.