The Tail-End Of Civilisation

I read recently that Queen Elizabeth II is quite unwell. The Queen is an important part of the fabric of British culture. In my opinion, she’s played an important role in helping the monarchy to rumble on and added a great deal of value to the UK as a global nation via her rule over the Commonwealth.

The British Empire passed the baton to America as the global imperial colonialist superpower some years after the second world war. Since then, the capitalist system has spawned billionaires by the dozen. History shows that as civilisations reach the end of their tenure, inequalities soar out of control.

All the great empires lasted around 250 years. The decadence and splendour that has befallen the 1% in these abundant times has come at the expense of the common man. The Great Reset promises to commodify humans and nature in order to perpetuate a dying philosophy. The climate crisis is the vehicle that will be used in order to sell in the infrastructure to the unsuspecting public.

Some commentators suggest that this is what the current billionaire space race is all about – getting off the Earth before the big freeze. Grand Solar Minimum comes around roughly every 12,000 years. If those years were clock time, we’re about five minutes to midnight.

There’s also a theory that ‘our rulers‘ know that the end is nigh and that they believe themselves to be the chosen ones, destined to populate the world post-apocalypse. It’s a far-out story but certainly worth consideration. Perhaps, all this has come before. History is cyclical after all.

If recent events, such as pandemic induced lockdowns, global ID schemes and mandatory vaccines, are anything to go by, the writing is already on the wall. These moves when viewed from a histrionic lense makes them appear to be part of a well considered masterplan. The population is being cajoled into behavioural change the like of which has never been seen. It’s quite magnificent how far folks have come in the past 20-odd months. You couldn’t train a puppy that quickly. It took the Nazi party two years to introduce yellow stars for Jews.

We are now almost certainly at the tailend of our time here on Earth. Maybe not in my lifetime, but certainly in the next 100 years or so, there’s a seismic shift coming. The planet will sneeze and we’ll be gone. It’s bleak but when Mother Earth is quite ready, there’ll be a ruckus. We’re being funneled into some weird dystopian reality either for our own safety and survival or for the benefit of the minority who happen to have spaceships.

When I speak with my partner about the future and how we intend to live, this theme often comes up. It’s both motivating and disorienting. It tends to inspire in me a mild hedonism, which these days, for me, means spending the day reading a book with a very strong cup of tea.

Once we’ve batted the conversation back and forth a few times and considered how we might behave in a revolution, I tend to settle into a comfortable optimism. We don’t have a spaceship but for now, we have our freedom, and that counts for a lot.

Whichever side of the fence you find yourself in these tailend times, there’s solace in self. Meditate, go inside, go deep and feel the oneness. It’s our only hope.