The truth contagion

I’ve had this virus. Please take it seriously. It’s spreading. Better be prepared.


β€œThe next wave of viral infection is coming towards us. So far only a few people were infected but the virus seems to have mutated and spreads from different countries – faster than Ebola.

The system-threatening virus has been named the WAKING-UP- FLU. It leads to a sudden clarity of mind and awareness in the here and now.

It begins fairly harmlessly with ingestion of organic wholefoods and turmeric, followed by a strong aversion to mass media. The symptoms then develop into compassionate, unified consciousness and a deep connection to one’s own soul and spirit – resulting in a hitherto unknown freedom from fear. The final stage is unconditional love and gratitude towards creation ✨.

Traditional means of treating this illness, such as chemtrails, mass vaccination, threats of a crash of the stock market or wars seem to be completely without effect.

The dark power elite doesn’t know what to do! The world health organisation has given this virus a new warning category because it might change life on Earth fundamentally for the better.

The WHO even sent a message to 7 billion earthlings: “stay safe, stay in your matrix” but this had no effect either.

Experts call this virus the TRUTH VIRUS and it is highly infectious.

To avoid catching it you must radically avoid contact with independently thinking and responsibly acting human beings!

There is even a suspicion that this virus might be passed on telepathically. Latest research has finally revealed the complete pathway of transmission: this illness often begins by reading this decoded message – with an incubation period of a few milliseconds.

A warm welcome to freedom! Our number grows day by day”

Author unknown πŸ™πŸ»