Three little words I don’t use anymore

There are three popular words that I’ve removed from my vernacular. I believe that language matters. That thoughts are things and that the words we use casts the spell.

Hope: this is an essentially human characteristic and it’s part of the modern condition to hope that things work out OK. But, in my view, it’s a bit flimsy. It’s wishful thinking, not specific, a sit back and let’s see what happens statement. I’m more of a take action towards a goal kind-of-a-guy. I replace hope with trust.

Should: a pet hate. Should is loaded with expectation and is so preachy it hurts: “You should get a haircut.” Yeh, right. It’s quite Machiavellian as words go. I’ve chosen to replace it with ‘could’ since it’s far more relaxed and open to possibility.

Try: if you try, it’s never going to happen. Just say you’re going to do it. Then do it. Try means you’ll add it to the list of things you might get around to someday. It’s loaded with inertia. Drop the word try from the statement. See how different it feels. It’s way more empowering. Like the sports brand, just do it.