Toeing the line

Way back at the beginning of the lockdown I was pretty outraged. I felt that the way the covid story was playing out in the media was deceitful. I felt that the government were playing us for fools.

The facts did not match the warnings. The hype was exaggerated and there we so many inconsistencies. I felt angry that those in power could manipulate entire populations so easily and blatantly.

I was freaking out. I wrote about it a lot – here, here and here. I felt that my freedoms were being stolen away from me under a false flag. I was afraid.

Then I decided to stop investing so much energy into something so intense. I realised that I couldn’t stop what was going to happen. I had to learn to accept the situation as it is.

As a meditator I knew I had a choice. It was simply a matter of exercising that power – my sovereignty. I got distracted and fell out of whack with my daily practice.

I remembered that I get to choose my own feelings towards external events. It’s the greatest superpower in the world. It’s also incredibly hard to master.

After many weeks of quiet time, simply enjoying life in my immediate reality, I’ve finally accepted that whatever is going on in the world right now is going to happen regardless of my frustration, fear and rage. Better to channel that energy into something more productive – like my practice.

I sit to purify my mind, I write to synthesise my ideas and I train my body to be strong and flexible. This is my concern, dude.

Meditation and mindfulness are the single most effective way to navigate our way through this global meltdown. Whatever happens in the long run, a solid practice will serve you well. I wholeheartedly recommend you cultivate your own. It’s a gift.

The inner journey is the only way out of this thing.

I’ll wear a mask. I’ll wash my hands. I’ll follow along with the guidance.

Whatever the fuck is happening right now, it’s a seismic shift in the way that we live.

Governments are corrupt. The media tells lies. People are easily duped.

I’ll toe the line as far as I need to. I’m fascinated to see how this thing shakes down. Stay tuned folks, it’s going to be quite a show.