View, conduct and meditation

These terms are often associated with a spiritual path. I’ve encountered them in the past in relation to Vipassana, the meditation technique that I practice.

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about his returning home from living abroad. His list of priorities and requirements on arriving home to the UK after a five year stint as an expat struck a chord.

It made me realise just how far I’ve shifted from the conditioned life that I grew up with. The expectation to work, earn and save. The need for a full time income to support a particular lifestyle.

We all have these pressures since the system demands that we contribute in this way. Money is the universal measuring stick. It’s the metric that determines much in the world.

Choosing to act as a free lance with time to pursue many and varied interests has been a game changer for me. I love the freedom it affords and the opportunities it provides. I’m very grateful for that.

We all have that choice. It comes down to view, conduct and meditation. These are the qualities that decide how well we live in the world.