Vulnerability practice

Modern vernacular tells us that vulnerability is a weakness. The ‘War on Terror’ was a classic example. During an actual war generals might seek out a vulnerability in the enemy as a means to establishing a strategic advantage. War, fight, battle – you’ve probably heard these terms used in the context of many things.

To be vulnerable is to be seen to be weak. Weakness is counter to the conditioned language of the majority. Perceived weaknesses are punished by armies, exploited by businesses and picked on by bullies.

Conversely, however, vulnerability leads us closer to our truth. And truth makes us stronger.

This writing project is a vulnerability practice. I didn’t want to start. I procrastinated. I dillydallied. I didn’t want to be seen.

Then, with encouragement, I started and each day I became more sure of my words, more clear about my ideas. The most successful posts speak to vulnerability. They reveal something personal or close to the heart.

Vulnerability is a practice that can transform our relationship with ourselves and with others. Truth heals and the first step is to risk being vulnerable.