Wake up west

Some years ago I set up a web domain, had a logo designed and created a business plan for an entertainment agency. The idea was to run music festivals to celebrate local music. We even had a stage built.

During that time I attended a business start up course at an incubation centre attached to the university. The cohort came up with lots of great ideas. We were young, ambitious and willing to take a risk.

Small business is the backbone of the UK economy. Family run enterprises are the life blood of community up and down the country. They’re the reason a lot of folks get out of bed in the morning; to earn a few quid, to put food on the table.

It’s the governments role to create the conditions for such activity. To pave the way for prosperity. To support the working man.

This crisis threatens to destabilise industry large and small. Shutting down the machine for three or four months is a drastic step. Some companies may never recover.

Are we to believe that this course of action is simply to protect a few old folks from the flu?