We learn by doing

When I started this project to blog everyday for a year I had little idea of what I would write about beyond the first few weeks. I knew that I’d focus on mindfulness and how that worked in my daily life. But it was more a guiding principal than a plan.

Plans are useful for forming an outline of how a thing might look or to see what might be needed to accomplish a task. This was true of my round the world bike ride. I knew what I needed because I had the kit from a previous trip and how it might look because I’d done bits of it before. The trip itself though was an unknown.

Each day I learned something new; about myself, the world and my place in it. Tiny iterations optimised how I packed my luggage each morning, small improvements were made each evening when cooking, setting up the tent and making a comfy pillow from a roll of clothes.

None of that could have been planned for. It had to happen on the fly. Just like the writings for this blog. I just figure it out day by day. That’s the sweet spot of learning something new.  We learn by doing.