What Creativity Means To Me

Creativity is the lifeblood of a happy, healthy way of life

I’ve been experimenting with creativity for years. Since high school I’ve studied design and been fascinated with how things come to be as they are. We were born to create. It’s an innate calling that we all feel throughout our lives. Every action we take is imbued with the magic of creativity. We’re creating things from the day we’re born.

More recently, I’ve been working with the written word and blogging. Regular readers will know that in 2020 I undertook a 365 daily challenge. It was a deep dive into what it is to commit to shipping creative work on a daily basis. I learned a lot about my habits, patterns and work flows. It’s a useful exercise for anyone aspiring to explore their craft.

Why creative thinking is important

I was once recommended The Artists Way* by Julia Cameron. Many years later I took up the gauntlet to write my own ‘morning pages’. It was both creative catharsis and psychic liberation. I found flow in the days where I committed my mental ramblings to the page. Later, I discovered Seth’s Blog and the magic of The Purple Cow*.

There is resource and support for creatives of all kinds and I would encourage you to explore your strengths, gifts and talents in the creative space – whatever your milieu. The act of drawing, making, writing – creating – is something that can unlock a part of ourselves that seeks to connect us with others. There is a hidden generosity in artistic expression. To create is to dance with the divine.