As a keen cyclist I’ve ridden many miles on two wheels. Accidents are part the risk associated with the activity. I had two crashes that resulted in whiplash.

At the time I experienced shock and the symptoms associated with it. I brushed off the impact as nothing serious. I went to work, didn’t bother with a check up.

Ten years later, I’m still resolving the injuries sustained. Happily, with a decade of yoga for cyclists and a few dozen sessions of acupuncture and shiatsu I’ve begun to release the tension. The areas most affected are mirrored in the body; tight hips from repetitive motion and shoulders from being struck by a car.

I’ve begun to figure out the subtleties of how my body is holding these traumas. My daily breath practice is steering prana into the blockages. I’m now able to fully liberate the body back to peak performance. It’s a wonderful feeling.