Working for the man

Amazon is modern slavery.

Workers are paid poor wages to work in awful conditions and they’re the lucky ones.

It’s consumers that are the real slaves in this equation. With each new purchase sovereign power is surrendered. Local spending power for the good of the local neighbourhoods of our towns and villages is diminished.

Every penny spent here supports a structure that is designed to place money at the top of the capitalist system. It’s part of the massive transfer of wealth that is taking place during this time.

Aggressive tax avoidance means little tax is paid. And that means no new infrastructure; local communities lose vital budget when they need it most.

Nothing remains in the local economy. The money vanishes offshore never to be seen again. That bookshop you love in your home town, gone. Closed down and boarded up. Another job lost, a life ruined.

Every pound spent on Amazon further enriches the worlds wealthiest man, Jeff Bezos. He made TEN BILLION DOLLARS IN ONE DAY DURING LOCKDOWN. There should not be billionaires. They serve no good purpose.

Many would argue that Amazon is convenient. Sure, but it’s also a clear symptom of a sick society.

What happens when all the shops are gone?

I ran a little experiment the other day. I posted a couple book recommendations on this blog. From the clicks to the Amazon links I got paid £2.64. The total spend was £78. All on books.

How differently would that money be used if it had gone to a local book shop?

How many lives would be enriched by that purchase in a local economy?

If we’re going to shop our way out of this crisis, we better start by putting our cash money where it matters – in the hands of local people in the shops, pubs and restaurants of our home towns.

Together we’re stronger, our cash is our sovereign right, and where we spend it is how we exercise our personal power.