Co-Dependents Anonymous

Yesterday I attended a Co-Dependents Anonymous meeting. CoDA is a twelve step recovery program to help folks enjoy healthy, loving relationships.

I knew I had some codependent traits but speaking with the group and working through the materials really helped to highlight my blind spots.

We’re all codependent in some form. The extent to which it’s healthy or detrimental determines how we function in our lives. In my case I’d say I have a mild codependency based on a moderately dysfunctional upbringing.

The awesome thing about the meeting was that it’s totally confidential, the sharing is cathartic and the support given unconditional. I found it a great help in my commitment to grow and unpack my conditioning. It’s liberating to bring awareness to and let go of these shadows.

Fortunately, I’m in a supportive, loving relationship that holds me fully in this phase of my growth. As I look back at many of the first fifty posts on this blog, a common theme arises – relating.

We’re all connected in this life. Learning to relate enhances our experience of existence. Whatever your circumstance, I’d recommend CoDA as a way to deepen your knowledge of yourself and your relationships with others. It’ll help you share your strengths, gifts and talents fully with the world.