Limbic resonance

I started watching a new series recently. Sense8 explores the lives of eight strangers in eight different countries who start to experience a shared physchic connection to events that never happened to them. The first episode, Limbic Resonance, introduces the concept that deep emotional states arise from the limbic system and can be transmitted between humans.

Essentially, we all have our own unique vibration that is shared with the collective. Each actor in a relationship has their own resonance that riffs with that of their partner (also friends and any other human beings). These vibes learn to mirror the other, bringing the frequency up to match the highest or strongest. It’s the reason we love to sit next to certain folks at a dinner party. And the same reason that we can start the day feeling great only to wind up in a bad mood because we stood next to a guy in the coffee shop that had argued with his girlfriend.

The subtle interplay between energetic fields holds the key to our emotional health and wellbeing. The juice that flows between couples at home and groups at social gatherings is the stuff of good mental health. We need hugs, kisses, smiles and knowing looks to reassure our limbic system that all is well. These physical cues are essential for social animals like us. After a six week lockdown physical distancing with your nearest and dearest, it’s an interesting idea to get your head around.

Needless to say that online social interaction is a poor substitute.

Go outdoors
Hug a stranger
Save the NHS

As with many psychological patterns, the mould is made in infancy – we got this juice from our mamas – if we were hugged and kissed often and made eye contact with, we’re generally set. If not, it’s sometimes more tricky.

So, as we begin to ease physical distancing, make sure to take care of business: lots of physical interaction and intimacy. It’s a lifegiver.