A slackers guide to journaling


I’ve been journaling for many years but its been a sporadic practice. Doodles in a stack of notebooks, unfinished rants on the laptop, half baked blog posts in the back office. I’ve been a slacker. I’m OK with that.

I’m revisiting some recurring ideas and entering into a new phase of energy. About a year ago, on my cycling blog, I committed to a daily blog post. That didn’t happen. I got busy, moved to Goa for the season and told myself that I’d write something tomorrow.

The thing with creativity is that it’s a habit. A skill you can develop and grow, like you train a muscle to be strong. The key to success is perseverance. That’s why today, I’m starting over. I’m committing to a daily blog post.

Join me…

PS: I recently discovered this guy and this blog post resonated. Here’s a little inspiration to help us get started:
365 Day Challenges