A balanced view

I’m a believer in personal responsibility. I take great care to act in a way that is in line with my understanding of karma. I feel that we have an obligation to show up where we can.

To that end I endeavour to create content that articulates a variety of ideas, theories and philosophies. In this moment, due to the massive amount of attention being placed on the novel coronavirus, my writing has focussed on this subject. Over the past couple days I’ve read the two most enlightening articles so far on the topic.

The Coronation, written by Charles Eisenstein, is the most balanced, well reasoned and optimistic piece I’ve found. It conveys many of the thoughts and intuitions I’ve had on the issue. I’d advocate this as essential reading at this moment.

The second piece was shared by a friend this morning and supports the view that there is more danger in the fear being propagated by the media than by the virus itself.

As a free lance and a blogger I feel a duty to share the alternative view and to speak up where I feel there is a need. We have a valuable opportunity to reimagine our way of life. Let’s come together in meaningful dialogue to shape the world we want to live in.