How narrative shapes reality

I wrote recently about the difference between news and narrative. In an effort to expand that idea I’ve been reading a lot of content about the various conspiracies that exist at this moment. For a while now I’ve had the feeling that things are not as they seem but I’ve found it challenging to articulate it fully.

Then I found this article. In it Charles Eisenstein illustrates the possibility that: ‘Perhaps reality is relational, co-created, and never just “out there.”‘

It’s an interesting take on the way that seemingly unlikely coincidental events can take place yet be somehow benign and inconsequential yet necessary to support the reality that we each co-create:

“These patterns of events are drawn to history because we need them to flesh out conspiracy theories and give expression to the psychological energies driving those theories.”

So, between all the media hysteria reporting the crisis and theĀ  ‘obvious’ and ‘sinister’ links pointing to a conspiracy taking place, there is a third way – a middle path; that the reality we each experience is derived from the level to which we indulge in our own personal interests and beliefs.