Daily breath practice

Daily breath practice

Forty days of conscious connected breath

I recently completed a Celtic Breathwork course. A three week facilitator workshop in conscious connected breathing. As part of the ongoing qualification and integration of the technique I’m now in the midst of a forty day commitment to a daily breath practice of forty minutes.

It’s day three and I’m feeling focused, energised and lighter in my mind, body and spirit. I’m stoked to be sharing the journey with you.

As I enter the final thirty days of this 365 daily blogging challenge I’m experiencing a renewed enthusiasm to complete the project. In the coming days I’ll be reviewing the entire blog as a collective piece of work, drilling down into the main themes of the writing and reporting back a summary of the whole thing.

In the meantime, I came across this in my inbox today. It’s from an email newsletter I get each week called Down The Rabbit Hole. It resonates.

Remember The Breath

“You’re likely reading this email on your phone, if not, a tablet or laptop. Using these magical devices, there are millions of digital places you could be right now.

I’m grateful that somehow through all of the noise, you managed to find your way here. And you could click away at any second so our time here could really be quite brief.

But for just a moment, while I have it, I’d like to point your attention to your breath. It might be a hectic day, it’s certainly been a hectic year, and we all can benefit from small reminders to turn our senses inward, let the chaos of daily life momentarily fade into the background, and focus on our breath.

If you would just take a slow, deep breath in filling your lungs until you naturally feel ready to exhale. If it feels right, allow yourself to sigh while you exhale to help release some tension.

Let’s do that again. Deep breath. Full lungs. Exhale. Sigh.

One more time. Go ahead. You know the motions.

There. If you followed along, I hope you enjoyed taking that brief pause with me. As you go about your day, especially as you feel yourself getting stressed, remember the breath and the peace that waits within it.”

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