My morning routine for 2020

I have a morning routine.
I wrote about it on my cycling blog last year. It’s created the space to be effective even when I’ve traveled.
I wake around six. Meditate for an hour. Breathe for twenty minutes then stretch for twenty minutes.
I put the kettle on, make my bed then sit on my veranda with a brew. Non caffeinated, no sugar, usually orange and ginger or fresh mint.
Writing, which is my main activity these days, happens after the brew. Usually I’ll write about something I’ve discussed with my partner. This practice helps to synthesise my ideas and to seek clarity in my words. I’m really excited about this conversational element since it’s delivered an immediacy to my blogging.
Over the winter season (when I’m in India) the couple changes I’ve made are: I go to the gym three times per week, I play beach football twice a week and I’ve relaxed the fasting. I take a smoothie when I feel like it, often before I’ve started the work stuff. I’ve also started to use bulletproof coffee before workouts. It delivers a ridiculous yet consistent high throughout the day. Adding a full power strength to my training session.
This sequence provides the structure for a successful day. There’s enough slack to make it flexible for discretionary changes but the essential discipline remains. After a year of integration, I’m happy to report it’s a daily habit.