Sensemaking 101

As we step int the second half of the year, the home stretch of this daily blogging challenge, I’m starting to look at sensemaking. When I started this project I intended to share my learnings as they arose. In that way the blog has evolved day by day.

As this year has unfolded I’m still frustrated by lockdown (the why and the how) and I’m amazed at my own acceptance of it (probably I’m living in a relaxed reality in a bubble in north Goa), I’m still sceptical about covid (how it has been used to manipulate not its existence), and I’m still seeking ways to make sense of it all.

I’m also fundamentally interested in personal sovereignty, mindfulness practices and heath and wellbeing from a practical perspective. I’m exploring philosophical viewpoints and reading some great books on the subject and I’m finding new ways to train and stay fit.