The practice of discipline

Meditation is often called a practice. A work in progress that is never truly complete. It’s a tool in the cultivation of a mindful life.

Discipline is an art of living technique. The commitment to do a thing consistently is, in and of itself, an act of meditation. Repetition is a key facet of success and growth.

Discipline; from the Christian; disciple.

It is through consistency that we improve, through repetition that we demonstrate commitment. It is practice that pushes us to succeed. Discipline becomes the practice.

My attitude toward my practice; a commitment to persist even when it gets tough. It is the key to a complete art of living technique. As I grow in my meditation practice I’ve learnt to shift my attitude and belief towards a path of competence, consistency and commitment. The mantra discipline is freedom moves us into a new paradigm of self love, abundance and growth.

In discipline, we are disciples.

As we approach the halfway point in my 365 daily blogging challenge, my feeling towards the creative process and the act of writing for the blog has elevated. I’ve learnt to embrace the freedom of the practice, to create, think differently and to savour the process.

When I started this thing, I was full of enthusiasm and energy. I figured out new ways to create content, source fresh inspiration, made a list of the things that I would wrote about – I even scheduled content in advance to free up time.

That period of creativity dissipated giving way to the feeling of burden that the cumbersome and unwieldy task writing the blog had become – I saw it as a chore. This time coincided with the civid-crisis, perhaps I was bogged down in the weight of external affairs. Certainly, the content I produced was pointing to a felt sense of outrage at the unfolding events. I felt that we were being lied to.

I’ve become a disciple of creativity.

I’m now writing from a place of gratitude. I’ve shifted my perspective back towards my original manifesto which was to embrace the process as a mindfulness practice, for the joy of writing and to share my musings on travel, philosophy and the art of living.

I’m starting to find a flow that resonates. I’m engulfed in the joy of discovering new teachings, enjoying the depth of cultural segways and indulging my interest in alternative medicines and passion for health and well being. I’m grateful for this to be how I spend my days. It’s fascinating. It sits in alignment with my natural curiosity, diverse interests and desire to understand myself, the world and my place in it.

The practice of discipline is serving me well.